Shellena Gonzalez is an accomplished make-up artist and hair stylist whose expertise encompasses all three genres of beauty; editorial, fashion and media/press. As a highly-coveted beauty professional, Shellena is known for her outstanding technical skills and in-depth understanding of beauty and fashion eras’; past, present and future.

After graduating from cosmetology school, Shellena began her career, working for; Prescriptives, Estee Lauder and M.A.C. before becoming the National Beauty Director for Nordstrom in 1996. As director, Shellena was given a national platform which allowed her to bring her love for; beauty, fashion and artistry to the mainstream. After 2 inspirational years as director and 10 years of working for extraordinary companies, Shellena, in 1998, looked to branch-out and diversify her artistry portfolio by becoming a freelance artist.

Today, Shellena believes that with the perfect union of make-up and hair styling it can take one’s vision and transport it into stunning reality. But it isn’t just Shellena’s beliefs of beauty, but her skillful ability that puts her in a category of few, where her work can be seen worldwide in; Allure, W, Seventeen, Elle, Teen Vogue, JJ Magazine, YM and the likes of so many more.
Shellena Gonzalez’s career also extends to collaborating with the creative minds involved in the fashion industry. As Lead Artist, she has enjoyed bringing the vision of; Donna Karan, Dolce and Gabbana, St. John, Zac Posen, Tory Burch, Justin Timberlake’s Fashion- William Rast, Roberto Cavalli and Nichole Richie’s Fashion - Winter Kate, to life on the runway.

As an artist who also can understand the make-up artistry and hair styling needs of a media lens, Shellena also divides her time to work on high profile media projects like; the Emmys and Grammys and currently, is working with HBO on their press junkets for their shows and documentaries; True Blood, Game of Thrones, The Pacific, Gloria Steinem and Rory Kennedy
Shellena Gonzalez is currently based in Los Angeles, California.